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About Us

  • Welcome to the country of the Himalayas! As one of the best trekking agency in Nepal, Himalayan Friends is owned and managed by the Sherpa brothers Phuri Kitar Sherpa, and Rinji Jangbu Sherpa. With over 10 years of experience in guiding tourists safely through the Himalayas, Himalayan Friends is your best option for any type of holiday/vacation in Nepal! Browse through our website to find the best package for you! Trekking, touring, adventure activities, mountain flights, expeditions, peak climbing, and jungle safari in Nepal we organize everything to make your vacation come true. 

    Focusing heavily on perfect customer service Himalayan Friends is also one of the best family friendly travel agencies in Nepal. Sustainable tourism is another aspect of Himalayan Friends. Every year we discover new and virgin routes. This way we can include more rural villages into our packages and let you experience a more authentic journey in the Himalayas. By hiring more locals, we provide back to the community! 

    Who are we?

    CEO and managing director Mr. Phuri K Sherpa has over 18 years of experience under his belt. Learning the ins and outs of the Himalayas from he’s father, Phuri quickly discovered he’s passion for sharing the Himalayas with the world! Having traveled around the world, he knows what it means to have the perfect holiday. Now with Himalayan Friends he is making this a reality by safely guiding and organizing treks and tours through the majestic Himalayas.

    Mr. Rinji Jangbu Sherpa, similarly to he’s brother Phuri grew up by learning from he’s brother and father about the Himalayas and how to guide tourists safely. He is the rock of Himalayan Friends and strives to show more culture during treks and tours. 

    As a trekking agency in Nepal, Himalayan Friends aims to achieve the following points;

      Himalayan Friends, family friendly, Sherpa owned, and one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal, is ready to take you to the Himalayas!

      • Family friendly environment
      • Organizing according to your budget and time
      • Guiding with professionalism
      • Avoiding animal hire and abuse
      • Providing sustainable tourism
      • Promoting eco-friendly tourism


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