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Himalayan Friends have been closely following government guidelines over the course of the Covid pandemic. As of now, all travel is permitted into and within the country. However, vaccination certification or PCR tests are needed to enter the country. 

We advise you to confirm with all respective travel advisories before you start planning your trip to Nepal. For the official travel, advisory click here


About the Equipments
- Sun hat or scarf
- Light balaclava or warm fleece hat
- Sunglasses with UV protection

Lower Body:
- Under Garments
- Hiking shorts
- Lightweight cotton long pants
- Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms
- Fleece or wool pants (seasonal)
- Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants

- Thin, lightweight inner socks
- Thick, warm wool hiking socks
-  sandals)
 - hiking shoes 

Upper Body:
- T-shirts
- Light and expedition weight thermal tops
- Fleece jacket or pullover
- Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional)
- Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell jacket
- Down jacket ( warm one)

- Lightweight gloves and warm. 

- Sleeping bag ( if you need one we will provide) 
- Headlamp 
- Trekking Duffel bag  ( we will provide the duffel bag 
- Basic First Aid Kit  ( we will supply)

- Day bag pack ( to carry the things which you need during the day time)
- Trekking Poles ( it is up to you and if you need one we can provide. This makes much more easier)
- Water bottle 
- Toiletries (Small wash towel, Toilet papers etc)
- Ear Plug 

- 1 medium sized quick drying towel
- Tooth brush/paste (preferably biodegradable)
- Multipurpose soap (preferably biodegradabl

Personal Hygiene
- Anti bacterial hands wash


- Reading book
- Trail Map/Guide book
- Pencils and small notebooks
- Playing card

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