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Trekking in Nepal

As one of the most beautiful Himalayan countries in the world, trekking in Nepal and seeing Mt Everest up-close or enjoying the cultures of the Himalayas is and will always be a dream for many! With its unique geography stretching from low-, middle-, and highlands trekking in Nepal lets you experience it all. Famous for 8th of the highest mountains in the world trekkers from far and wide anticipate every year the trekking seasons of Nepal. Amazing blue skies, legendary trekking trails, wild water rivers, high altitude camping, turquoise mountain lakes, ancient cultures and snowcapped mountain tops makes Nepal one of the best trekking countries in the world. Himalayan friends guides you to some of the world’s most famous mountains and is sure to give you a unique and incredible trekking experience.

Whether you like to enjoy those picturesque mountain views or experience those legendary trails, enjoy the nature and wildlife or visit and experience the local cultures we have just about something for everybody! Focusing mainly on providing carefully planned or customizable treks in Nepal, Himalayan Friends has developed over the years of practice in the field managed to create an unforgeable adventure in the Himalayas.

With the country divided in trekking regions, Nepal is easily doable for novice trekkers and our office is more than welcome to advice you on some of the easier going short treks with unimaginable views and trails! Longer treks and even combining various trekking routes is also manageable with Himalayan Friends and can greatly increase your experience while trekking in Nepal. 

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